Eligibility Criteria to Rent a Car

For rental cars Kerikeri airport, be assured of the best service. Before renting a car for your travels, you should be informed of the eligibility criteria required to rent a car. Here are some general eligibility criteria that cut across all rental car companies.

Driver's license

No rental car company would ever rent a car to anyone who doesn't have a driver's license. In fact, it is illegal in most countries. So if you want to rent a car, carry your driver's license which should be valid and original. And if the car is going to be driven by multiple drivers, everyone intending to drive should present their driver's license to the rental car company.

Passport or photo ID

To verify that you are who you say you are, the rental car company will need to see your Passport or photo ID. And it should be original and valid. This is also an eligibility criterion for all individuals intending to drive the car.

Credit card

The rental car company will want to see your personal credit card. It should have enough funds for payment and also a security deposit. Keep in mind that rental car companies do not accept cards that were not issued by banking institutions or third-party credit cards. In most cases, even if the payment was prepaid online, the rental car company will still want to see your credit card.

Meet the age limit

Different rental car companies have different age limits on which they rent out cars. It could be 18, 19, 21 or 22. Most rental car companies consider young people to be liabilities hence do not like renting out their cars to them. 

A rental car company has the right to refuse to provide one with a rental car if they do not meet the eligibility criteria. It could be that you are underage, have a poor credit history or that you do not have a valid license.